Warranty Information

For Covered Products, Soluna covers all defects in workmanship and materials during the Warranty Period under normal application, installation, use and service conditions as specified in Soluna’s standard product documentation. The Product Warranty is not intended to be a durability warranty, as end-user conditions and usage is variable. Soluna specifically disclaims any warranty to include specific components in any product or service.

Soluna’s products are designed to meet stated U.S. safety standards and regulations. Because local safety standards and regulations vary significantly, Soluna cannot guarantee that products meet all applicable requirements in each locality. Customer assumes responsibility for compliance with such safety standards and regulations in the localities in which a product will be shipped, sold or used. Before purchase and use of any product, Customer shall review the product application, and national and local codes and regulations, and must verify that the use and installation of the product will be in compliance therewith.


The Factory Warranty does not cover damages that occur due to:

• Transport damage;
• Installation or commissioning through any person which is not an Authorized, Certified Dealer;
• Failure to observe the user manual, maintenance regulations and intervals;
• Modifications, changes, or attempted repairs, except as conducted by an Authorized Dealer;
• Incorrect use or inappropriate operation;
• Insufficient ventilation of the Covered Product;
• Failure to observe the applicable safety regulations;
• Force majeure.